5 Reasons to Visit Australia during Autumn and Winter…

5 Reasons to Visit Australia during Autumn and Winter

Let’s face it, we all want an excuse to visit Australia regardless if it’s during their winter, and when we say winter, it’s not your typical thermals galore and huddling for warmth sort of winter. After all, Australia is pretty unique, where the dunny and seasons whirl backwards and the stars sparkle upside down. So, it’s only fitting that Australia’s autumn months are between March-May and winter months June-August.

It’s Cheaper

Nothing screams appeal more than ‘cheaper’. We’re all after a good bargain, especially, when it involves a trip to Australia and doesn’t drain our bank balance. Fewer visitors during the ‘off’ season mean special deals, less packed beaches and roads. And do not despair, pubs and football matches remain overflowing with high-spirited souls.

The weather is still wonderful

The word ‘cold’ and Australia aren’t really acquainted with one another. In fact, the Down Under boasts attractive temperatures all year round, sure to impress the sun worshippers among you; the coldest temp bottoming out in Sydney at approximately 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit). It’s reportedly even warmer in Northern expanses, where in the main; there is a decrease in humidity and rainfall. Manly Beach will continue to be popular with surfers and swimmers, riding waves while waiting for the winter sun to locate the horizon.

Perhaps surprising, but Australia’s winter weather is actually better for some activities, such as road trips. You may be aware that Australia’s Outback centre is a picturesque yet scorching desert, which is why it’s recommended to experience this scenic landscape during the winter months. You could hire a camper van and take a group road trip from tropical Darwin to Uluru (Ayer’s Rock), championed as being the closest you can get to driving on the moon despite still being on Earth. Alternatively, you could take a smaller yet still remarkable 150- mile journey along the tranquil coast of the Green Ocean Road. Just remember to pack a blanket for sleeping in your van, which is a much more appealing option than scorching inside it during the 100-degree December heat!  Some other great locations to visit during the winter months include Cairns, Tropical North Queensland, home to Port Douglas and The GBR, Broome in Western Australia and Hervey Bay and Fraser Island situated in Queensland.

Whale Watching

Southern Hemisphere whales move north for the winter, contrasting to the migration of Northern Hemisphere birds. The whales pass extremely near areas of Australia during their mission to breed. In New South Wales and Tasmania, whale watching commences in April/May and in Queensland it begins in May/June. Reserve a tour to see them breach and splash. However, don’t get overexcited and tempted to join them in the water, you could meet more than Whales – Australian marinas aren’t full of shark nets for nothing.

Great Festivals

VIVID Sydney, will be the festival you want to attend, great music and the largest party of lights. It kicks off in late May until early June every year; VIVID includes, complimentary nightly light displays, live music, the sails of the renowned Sydney Opera House lit up with wow-inducing 3D projections, amazing art installations, LED- decked out boats sailing the harbour and imaginative talks.

You could also attend additional incredible festivals, such as Sydney chases Vivid with its film and Winter Festivals happening in June and July, separately. Aboriginal culture gets credited during August’s Amhem Land’s Garma Festival. And the amazing Yulefest and Beer Can Regatta hosted in Darwin, both take off in July.


Sports, Sports, Sports

Australia offers the best of both worlds in terms of sports. Water activities remain in full swing due to the winter heat. Our home is renowned for swimming, surfing and snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef.  

Skiing is also popular winter sport in Australia. It’s not hard to see why, with the ski-snow at its greatest at best resorts such as Perisher and Mt. Buller.

At the pinnacles of the seasons during the winter months are rugby and football. See how the Aussie’s do it; don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the rules of the games. Pick a side to support, and watch the muscley men in tiny shorts punch oblong balls at one another. You could watch from a pub with a pint, or from the famous Melbourne Cricket ground. Take your fancy and enjoy the games.