The Top 3 Best Jobs in Australia 

bar tender

The best jobs in Australia are the jobs you know well, and may even do back home, but also jobs you haven’t tried yet. Part of the adventure of travelling and working as you go is getting out of your comfort zone, and trying something you’d never normally get the chance to try back home.

So if you’re in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa and need some inspiration, we reckon these jobs are the ones to go for, both in terms of the money you’ll earn and the (relative) ease with which you can get them.

Here Are The Top 3 Best Jobs in Australia For Everyone

Good with people and know a mai tai from a mojito? Be a bartender

Australia has a lively drinking culture and if you’re an experienced bar tender it’s easy to find work in the bars of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and beyond. This is one of the best jobs in Australia for meeting people, plus the salary you get for this kind of work blows fruit picking out of the park. If you can land a job in one of the more reputable bars in Sydney or Melbourne the money will match the plush surroundings. 

A lot of travellers prefer to work in backpacker bars mostly due to the relaxed atmosphere, chance ot meet fellow travellers and less requirements in terms of experience. You can also get work in more rural areas in local pubs which opens up the chance to speak to locals and gain an insight into rural life. This one’s a winner if you have the right experience.

best jobs in australia, bartender
bartender fixing up a cocktail

After that second year working holiday visa? It’s fruit picking for you

Fruit picking, or just general “regional work” often gets a bad rap and is rarely considered to be one of the best jobs in Australia. It’s definitely hard and is usually paid according to the amount of fruit or vegetables harvested rather than with an hourly salary. But the reason travellers are eager to find regional work is to complete the golden 88 day regional work requirement in order to gain a second year working holiday visa.

Completing this requirement and getting a second year in Australia doesn’t only mean more adventures but a much better chance of getting well paid office work (more on that below). It also squarely fits the bill as a job which you are unlikely to do back home, or ever again. There is a shared sense of camaraderie on most farms and the mates you make picking pears could be some of the closest you’ll have during your time in Australia. Fruit picking can be hard work, but the benefits out weigh the negatives.

fruit pickers in australia
fruit picker

Want job security, great money and will be around for a while? Office work is your best bet

Working in an office may sound dull but when it comes salary, working conditions and the potential for longer term employment, office work is hard to beat. Positions can be hard to find for travellers but having a two year working holiday visa definitely helps. There is good job security with this one and higher wages means more money to spend travelling and adventuring when you do decide to move on. Working in an office is one of the best jobs in Australia for job security, good wages and the chance to further your career!

working in the office
office work

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