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5 Health Tips Everyone Should Follow While Travelling

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While most people travel to relieve stress, the whole process of travelling can actually be very stressful. From the possibility of cancellations, missing your flight, getting lost in a city you’ve never been or having an accident. You constantly need to be on top of everything to ensure your trip goes smoothly which can often lead to stress. This could not only ruin your trip but impact your mental and physical health too. And let’s be honest, travelling should be fun and exciting!

As a traveller, you can take certain measures to reduce stress and while it may not be possible for everyone to travel stress-free, you can come close with the following tips.

Travel Insurance

While you may not be able to have any control over accidents and cancellations, you can have both covered on your trip with travel insurance Canada. The insurance will provide you with medical coverage which can save you tons of money in case of an accident or other health problems. It will also cover money lost due to cancellations or even lost baggage. Knowing that you are insured will help you reduce stress and not worry too much about any medical problems and allow you to travel with more ease. You can also compare leading travel insurance companies on www.comparethemartket.com.au

Get enough sleep

Travelling to a new location can be exciting. So exciting that you overlook the need to get a decent night’s sleep. A lot of travellers like to enjoy a night out to socialise with new friends which is great! But it’s very easy to get stuck in a cycle of late nights, early mornings and those pesky hangovers. Whilst it’s good to socialise and have fun, make sure you dedicate yourself to having a few good night’s sleep to keep your energy levels and your mental health steady. Most people need to get an average of 7-8 hours of sleep a day as this allows your mind and body to rest and rejuvenate for the day that is ahead. Along with sleeping, be sure to also eat well balanced meals.

Include some form of physical activity in your itinerary

Even if you are travelling for just a few days, make sure you get some form of physical activity in. Whether it is going hiking, camping or swimming in the local pool or a nearby lake, keeping your body active is a must. Going for walks around a new place is the best way to explore and meet the locals. You see so much more when you walk then when you drive around. A lot of cities also have running groups that take you running around the city and it’s the perfect sightseeing/fitness activity! By keeping physically active during your travels, you will help your body and mind stay energetic throughout the day, whilst also giving yourself some time outside to catch some sun and fresh air. Both of which, as we know, are good for your physical and mental health.

Disconnect yourself from technology

Constantly checking your social media or messages on when travelling can take a lot away from it. One of the reasons why you travel is to disconnect and relax, so do just that. Keep your phone on you for emergency purposes only and disconnect yourself from social media altogether while you are out. You can allocate 15-20 minutes at the end of the day to socialise on it but the rest of the time you should try and enjoy your trip and stay present.

Listen to your mind and body

Only you know your mind and body so listen to it when it’s telling you to slow down. It’s great enjoying lots of activities and excursions but it’s also not so fun when you’re too tired to take anything in. Have a balance of relaxing by the beach, reading your book and taking in your surroundings, with going on tours, out for drinks and dinner with new friends. By having a balance, you will have more of an appreciation for your surroundings, for the places you visit and for the people you meet.



Natasha is a world traveller who never says “no” to adventuring to a new location. As a globetrotter from Canada, she’s engaged in being a writer with Best Quote Travel Insurance where she shares her experiences and travel tips with fellow travellers. Her favourite saying is, “Home isn’t where you were born, it’s where you feel the happiest.”

Discover the Atherton Tablelands with Barefoot Tours

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The beautiful tropical paradise of the Atherton Tablelands just south of Cairns is a stunning area of majestic waterfalls, volcanic lakes and a World Heritage listed rainforest brimming with natural wonders. Easily accessible in a day trip from Cairns, this beautiful little spot is the perfect place to chill out and reconnect with wild north Queensland, then head back to the city in time to share your adventures over a few beers.

Sound appealing? Well if you’re itching to find out more about the Atherton Tablelands and experience all that natural beauty for yourself, the friendly folk over at Barefoot Tours have you covered. Their excellent Atherton Tablelands Waterfalls Day Tour takes in everything the area is famous for and does it in style, with  a good dose of laughs thrown in.

Leaving Cairns in the morning the tour stops at some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the area including Ellinjaa Falls with its swimming hole ripe for a cooling dip, then on to Josephine Fall and Dinner Falls, “The Crater” and more. Take a refreshing dip under the pounding waters of Millaa Millaa Falls and test your nerve on a natural rock slide at Josephine Falls. Get to swim in an actual volcano at Lake Eacham and watch out for legendary Cassowaries as you explore the stunning rainforests.

All that action needs some good Aussie fuel which is why they also throw in a tropical morning tea, picnic lunch and all the Tim Tams you can eat. So just bring yourself, your swimmers, a camera, change of clothes and a thirst for adventure. Never rushed, all tours with Barefoot take place at a leisurely pace meaning more time to appreciate those beautiful surroundings. Also by travelling with Barefoot Tours you’ll be supporting a small local business in the process, so its a double winner.

So what are you waiting for? Give Barefoot Tours a call today and put your name down for a day of adventure, nature and memories to last a lifetime.



Where Best to Sky Dive in Australia


Australia has a stunning array of landscapes that are impressive enough from the ground, but become even more mind blowing from thousands of feet up in the air.  Ranked as one of the best places to sky dive in the world, Australia isn’t short on places to take the plunge with sites ranging from pristine beaches and coral reefs, to mountains, deserts and more. Each place has its own merits and all are guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping, but where should you choose? These are just some of our all time favourites.


Great Ocean Road, Victoria

The Great Ocean Road is well known for being one of the most spectacular drives in the world, but from above this breathtakingly beautiful coastline really comes into its own. Only a birds eye view can allow you to take in the enormity of the Southern Ocean waves crashing onto the rugged coastline, the many weird and wonderful rock formations that line the coast as well as the lush green forests and soaring cliffs that travellers from all over come to see. The 360 degree view also takes in the pretty towns that line the coast, as well as the famous surf spot of Bells Beach, the beautiful sweep of Port Philip Bay and the sky line of Melbourne in the far distance. There are a few sky diving spots in Victoria but none that match the iconic splendour of the Great Ocean Road. She’s a beaut.


Uluru, Northern Territory

The enormity of Uluru can never really be fully appreciated until you see it from above. The circumference of Uluru comes in at just under 6 miles, and her sheer size and awe inspiring presence rising out of the barren desert landscape like an eerie monolith is breathtaking. Depending on what time of day you decide to dive here, Uluru’s myriad colours could be anything from red to orange to earthy brown, and everything in between. This iconic, much revered rock is somewhere that should be on every traveller’s itinerary and seeing it from above gives a completely different perspective. Highly recommended.


Rottnest Island, Western Australia

“Rotto” is one of the most beautiful islands in the whole of Australia, and the only island you can skydive in Western Australia. Just off the coast of Perth, this quintessential island paradise is fringed by white sand beaches, bays of turquoise waters and bears a not dissimilar resemblance to one of the Greek islands. Western Australia’s coast is as wild and untouched as its interior, with Ningaloo Reef to the north with its amazing marine life and corals and Rottnest to the south. Skydiving over Rottnest allows you to see how the deeper ocean waters turn from rich, dark blue to light green as it shallows towards the shore, and witness the reef that borders the island in its full glory. Just a short ferry ride from Perth and a doddle to get to, Rottnest Island is one of the most unique dives you can do in WA, and the country.




The Best Way to Explore the Whitsundays

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The Whitsunday Islands embody the breath taking natural beauty of Australia, with desert island paradise credentials, which are off the scale. Located just off the coast of Queensland, the Whitsundays comprise 74 lush green islands situated in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, and are almost entirely uninhabited. Sailing past their pristine, deserted shores can make you feel like Captain Cook himself and that sense of remoteness is just part of the appeal of the Whitsundays. The Great Barrier Reef is naturally a huge draw for travellers and the islands’ proximity to world class diving and snorkelling spots couldn’t be better. Colourful corals, shoals of tropical fish and larger species such as sharks and whales all make their home here and the Whitsundays are in the middle of it all.

Visiting the Whitsundays without compromising the health of the reef or impacting the delicate island environment can be tricky, but factors we should all be considering before booking a tour. That’s where Whitsunday Sailing Adventures and the SV Whitehaven comes in.  One of the best tour operators in the Whitsundays and the country, Whitsunday Sailing Adventures promises a unique, small group experience with eco conscious practices and a personal touch. There’s no wild parties on the Whitehaven but instead plenty of opportunities to snorkel and kayak the reef and learn more about the islands in an eco conscious way. Named after the Whitsundays famed Whitehaven beach, the 17.5m boat was designed specifically to sail the tropical seas in comfort and style. She has plenty of deck space for relaxing and sunbathing by day and stargazing by night, as well as a spacious area providing permanent shade from the sun and weather. The friendly crew are professional and knowledgeable about the reef and its inhabitants, as well as the islands’ rainforests and wildlife. Learning about what you’re looking at makes for a much richer experience.

The night skies out here are magical and fascinating star talks are held on deck so you can learn more about the constellations of the southern hemisphere. As the SV Whitehaven is a traditional sailing boat, there will be plenty of opportunities to get involved and hoist some sails yourself and learn more about traditional sailing practices. On board sea kayaks mean you can explore the reef from above whenever you choose and learn more about what you see from one of the experienced guides. Their tours are officially eco certified so you can relax knowing you and your guides will be having a minimal impact on the islands and its ecosystem as you sail and explore.

So whether you just want to relax on board and take in the scenery, snorkel and kayak, hike and learn more about the Whitsundays’ unique eco system and wildlife, Whitsundays Sailing Adventures will give you an eco conscious, small group experience that you’ll remember for a life time. What are you waiting for? Book today! And if you are looking to book both your Whitsundays and Fraser Island tour get a discount on tours booked through us!

Explore these beautiful islands with the best crew around.


5 ways to travel more sustainably in Australia

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With more and more of us getting out there and exploring every corner of the planet, more often and travelling further and further away from home, it’s now more important than ever to consider our impact on the environment. Back in the days of the single two-week package holiday a year, the global environmental impact was pretty minimal and localised. But today far flung travel, especially to remote corners of the globe like Australia, is an almost universal right of passage. It’s about adventure and experiences and creating incredible memories, but when you’re out there having your jaw dropped at every turn, the environmental impact of just being there is often far from our minds. But planning a trip with a more eco conscious approach pays dividends down the line. Smart decisions on how to travel from A to B, where to stay and how to make more sustainable choices in general benefits not only the planet for now, but for future generations of travellers.  And it’s pretty damn easy to be honest.

Share the ride

Need to get across the Nullabor Plain or from Melbourne over to Sydney? The next time you’re planning a trip, truly consider your options. Travelling with other like-minded travellers cuts back on the amount of cars on the road, the cost and your impact on the planet. Consider joining a group tour or just ask around and see who’s going in the same direction. Flying may be quick, but it means missing out on all that good stuff in between. And it’s the places you find along the journey that are often the most memorable. Grab a bus ticket rather than a plane ticket, or hire a car and cram it with new mates. Avoid the skies and the planet will thank you.

Bike it

If there’s one piece of kit that will keep on giving in terms of eco kudos, it’s the humble bike. Dirt cheap, readily available and by far the best way to explore a new place on your own terms, bikes have zero environmental impact and are good for your health too. Download the local city bike rental app or just rent one locally. Getting around by bike is one of the best choices you can make.

Watch your water

Often overlooked but one of the biggest environmental concerns around is water waste. Invest in a cheap shower timer and limit your shower to 3 minutes – yes, it’s possible! Only wash clothes when they’re truly dirty and save the baths for sub zero temperatures only.

Stay sustainably

Choose locally run, independent guesthouses and hostels. This not only supports local communities but the more simple a place is, the less impact you’ll be having on the planet. A fan cooled room is a more eco conscious choice than an air conditioned one, and nothing beats the personal touch of a local guesthouse.

Travel with reusables

Endless plastic water bottles are clogging up the ocean, literally. Bring your own water bottle with you and refill it whenever you can. Put shampoo, shower gel and any other liquids into reusable bottles and choose environmentally friendly washing powder when it comes to laundry.

Little changes make a big difference. It’s simple and so true! Want to travel in a more sustainable way? Chat to the eco conscious folks over at Bare Travels for some impartial advice on the best eco tours around.

A day out of the city: The Perfect Day Trip from Sydney


Sydney-siders will probably wonder why you’d want to leave their gem of a city. Gorgeous sunny days, beaches on your doorstep, and of course that jaw dropping harbour are pretty hard to beat. But every now and then we all need to take a break from the city madness regardless of how great the city in question is.  So, if you’re momentarily tired of Sydney, where should your day trip take you?

The areas surrounding Sydney are well known for their stunning natural beauty and the plethora of outdoor activities on offer. From sky diving to hiking and everything in between. The mighty Blue Mountains are rightfully one of the first places city weary folks come to dust off the pollution and breathe in some fresh mountain air. But popular spots like this attract hoards of people, all crowding into otherwise quiet and serene look out points and quiet mountain roads. But head into less well chartered territory and you’ll soon have be able to avoid the day tripper crowds and have a unique experience all to yourself.

The Royal National Park is one of those places, the path here is less well trodden and it is all the better for it. Just 23 miles from Sydney and a world away, the park is probably best known for the unique natural rock pools found along its coast, known as the Figure 8 Pools. Reached via a moderately difficult, but rewarding coastal track which passes through rainforest and beautiful coastal views, the pools are an awesome natural phenomenon where it’s possible to swim at low tide. No two pools are the same and each one is a distinctly different weird and wonderful shape. Once you’ve snapped a few insta-worthy pictures hike further up into the mountains and on to Wattamolla. This picturesque little spot boasts a beautiful waterfall, lagoon and beach where you can relax after the hike. There are numerous look out points in the park where it’s possible to get a good look at this wild area of coastline, and marvel at just how close you are to the city.

When it comes to escaping the city for a day, the Figure 8 Pools are hard to beat. A natural phenomenon that you can literally immerse yourself in, surrounded by a pristine national park without the crowds. If this sounds like the day trip for you, the good folks over at Barefoot Downunder have you set. They operate the only day tour to the pools and are on hand to answer any questions you might have. Explore away here!


How to Travel the Wild West Cost of Tasmania

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The West coast sums up why travellers come to Tassie in the first place. Stunning natural wonders are to be found at every turn, from the tallest waterfalls to the deepest lake and more weird and wonderful critters than you can shake a stick at (don’t shake a stick at the poor guys). The area is also blessed with a rich cultural history to go along with all that spectacular natural beauty – the west coast has something for everyone.

One of the top sights is the highest waterfall in Tasmania, the gorgeous Montezuma Falls. Located near Rosebury towards the north end of the coast, Montezuma Falls lies at the end of a very do-able hike which winds its way through pristine rainforest, past myrtle and giant tree ferns. Wildlife can be seen along the way including many species of colourful birds. Huge amounts of water pound into the ground from the 104 metre drop every day, and the cool mist is a real treat after the hike. The creek at the base of the falls was once crossed by a wooden bridge which eventually collapsed, leaving a eerie scene of derelict timbers covered in dense moss hiding rusty old nuts and bolts. The falls are one of the west coast’s top sights and should definitely feature on any itinerary to the area.

For a place that delves into Tasmania’s dark(ish) past, head over to the pretty seaside town of Strahan. Built on the banks of the Macquarie Harbour, Strahan today is a charming place perfect for hanging out for a few days taking in its pleasant waterside cafes, shopping at cute stores and learning more about its history. Once belonging to the UK, as did all of Tasmania, the town was one of the most distant outposts belonging to the British Empire. Home to many early pioneers it was host to infamous Sarah Island. Just offshore in the harbour, Sarah Island was the location of a brutal convict prison with a particularly fierce reputation. Thankfully, these days it’s more beaches and sunshine than prisoners and brutality, but Strahan is still a fascinating place to learn about Tassie’s history.

Another top sight not to be missed is Mount Field National Park. Famous for being Tasmania’s first national park, there is incredible wildlife and beautiful scenery to be explored including the thundering Russell Falls. This beautiful waterfall even featured on Australia’s first stamp! It’s an easy hike through the forest and a gorgeous sight. Other waterfalls include Lady Barron and Horseshoe falls. Look out for critters such as the rarely seen platypus, which looks like something between an otter and a giant duck. Many of Tassie’s endemic bird species live here too so keep your eyes up as to the skies, as well as down on the forest floor. The park is a nature lover’s dream.

Convinced yet? If you are, and you should be, check out the marvellous Wild West Coast Tour run by the good folks over at Jump Tours. This excellent tour takes in all of the above and more. Get wild out west – you won’t be disappointed.



2019, a new year, a new you?!

January is probably the worst month to start a new year. For most of us in the Northern hemisphere, January is the coldest, darkest month in the calendar which can leave us feeling lethargic and uninspired. But hold the darn phone. Those first few weeks after the madness of Christmas and New Year are also the perfect time to contemplate the year ahead and plan everything we can, and should, aspire to achieve. Slow down, reflect and set a path towards a year full of achievable goals and a happier mindset.

So, where do you start? The best answer is, start small. Set aside that pipe dream plan to climb Everest – unless you really, really want to – and make small changes that will have a big impact on your life.

Take a break from technology

Taking regular time away from the glare of a screen is something all of us could benefit from.  A recent study in the US estimates that each of us spends more than 10 hours a day on social media, working at a computer or just plain staring at our phones and tablets. Screens have our full attention, but should they? Think of what other more fulfilling activities you could be doing with all that time. Whether it’s something as simple as taking the dog for a walk, signing up to a new dance class or just picking up your phone and actually calling someone you love. Start small and make a commitment to spend less time participating in the virtual world and more time having real, tangible experiences in the real world.

Do more of what you love

This seems like such a simple idea, but something a lot of us fail to do. We all have something that we enjoy doing above everything else so taking the time to do more of it is a bit of a no brainer. Most of us live for our annual dose of world travel – escaping the comforts of home and immersing ourselves in a different culture for a few days or weeks is endlessly inspiring. So, instead of the standard two weeks in the sun, why not break up your travels and pledge to head somewhere new and interesting every 6 weeks? Even if it’s just a few nights or a longer break, something little and often is guaranteed to beat cramming all your travel goals into one trip.

Be conscious of your impact on the planet

There are very few things more important for the state of the planet than living a more eco conscious life. Taking a more responsible approach to your daily routine will have far more reaching consequences and also make you feel pretty damn good about yourself. Small changes like ditching the plastic bags for life and taking a reusable bag where ever you go could prevent tonnes of non-biodegradable plastic entering the sea for years to come. Turn the heating down a notch, take the bus instead of your car and better still opt to travel with people rather than solo. Every change can make a huge difference.

Feeling suitably inspired and looking for adventure? Give us a call and let us impart some sound advice on making your Aussie travel dreams a reality. That’s one goal you truly can achieve!





Why Sail The Whitsundays on Summertime

At Bare Travels we are always in search of great ways in which your can experience many of the beautiful locations Australia has to offer. Sailing the Whitsunday Islands is without a doubt one up there on the list of things to do and choosing the best way to do it is an important decision. One of our favourite tours is sailing with Summertime and below you can find out more!


Sailing on Summertime

A beautifully restored 65 foot, classic timber ketch that was handcrafted in 1945 by master shipwrights in South Australia which is now the perfect amalgamation of adventure and comfort. Recent refurbishments have made her fully equipped with modern technology such as: a DVD/PC system, air conditioning throughout the vessel, spacious deck space – perfect for having a nap or enjoying the view – and even an aft deck freshwater jacuzzi!


The wheelhouse still has it’s traditional hand turned wheel and is fitted out with rich timber which maintains Summertime’s classic ambience. Your skipper will helm your adventure from here but if you ask them to explain some of the navigational and sailing aids, you might even get to experience being a captain and navigate yourself around the islands.


Below deck is the saloon which is the ideal place to watch a film or a slideshow of your days adventures and relax out of the heat. Summertime has two large toilets and showers which are all equipped with modern appliances don’t worry. The cabins are simply sensational and you’ll experience the best night sleep with the ocean rocking you to sleep.


Activities on Summertime

Summertime is the only vessel in Whitsundays that offer a guided kayak tour. The team promotes eco-friendly explorations of the islands and their hidden alcoves and inlets. A friendly turtle might join you as you paddle towards secluded beaches edged with ancient trees.


Snorkelling in this local area of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is rated among the best in the world and with the temperature staying around 25 C year round, it’s no wonder why. The comfortable temperature allows you to relax and really focus on the sealife swimming alongside you.


Fancy trying your hand at diving? With an onboard dive compressor, tank fills are unlimited and you can opt for a diving experience straight from the side of the vessel to swim with turtles and schools of tropical fish.


The Menu on Summertime

All meals are prepared, fresh, on board. With an assortment of freshly baked rolls, meats, salads, fruits & condiments ready for you at lunch and oven-baked snacks available throughout the day. And if you’re British you’ll certainly love the afternoon tea served with an Aussie favourite, coconut lamingtons. Dinner has a variety of specialities such as tender chicken thigh fillets, marinated in succulent honey mustard and mixed herbs or the Porterhouse steak in a secret marinade.


About The Whitsunday Islands

The 74 Whitsunday Islands lie between the northeast coast of Queensland, Australia, and the Great Barrier Reef, a massive stretch of coral teeming with marine life. Most of the islands are uninhabited and are characterised by dense rainforest, hiking trails and white sand beaches.

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most popular areas of the world to visit but here you won’t feel crowded in by other tourists. The expansive ocean between and around the islands make you feel like you have the islands all to yourself.

So what are you waiting for?! Get in touch today to book your tour.


5 Travel Hacks for the Eco-Conscious

5 Travel Hacks for the Eco-Conscious

Becoming an eco-conscious traveller doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact an increasing number of people are becoming more aware and active in looking after our planet to ensure it’s beauty remains for us to enjoy. With this in mind we are dishing out our eco-warrior travel hacks to help you get to grips with some of the easiest ways to ensure you remain green throughout your travels in Australia.

Bin Plastic Toothbrushes

It’s advised that you change your toothbrush every 3 months, and so in a years worth of travel you will use and bin around 4 toothbrushes! The year up to February 2018 Australia welcomed 8.9 million international visitors to it’s shores and with a current resident population of close to 25 million that’s a lot of toothbrushes!  Scrap the plastic toothbrush that takes hundreds of years to decompose and opt for the greener natural bamboo toothbrush.

Say NO to Straws

It’s quite simple – say no to straws! With the exception of those who need them for medical reasons, straws are not needed to drink water or beverages. No global usage figures exist, but according to the National Park Service, Americans alone use 500 million straws daily. To understand just how many straws 500 million really is, this would fill over 125 school buses with straws every day. That’s 46,400 school buses every year! Ditch the straw today!

Buy Pre-loved!

You are on the road and not in need of expensive items. Hit the charity shops and markets and purchase pre-loved travel items. Whether its clothing for farm work or interiors to deck out your trusty vehicle not only will you be saving pennies but you’ll be saving the planet too!

Use Reusable Water Bottles

The Guardian reported how “a million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute and the number will jump another 20% by 2021, creating an environmental crisis some campaigners predict will be as serious as climate change”. Grab a refillable bottle and request water refills from bars and restaurants throughout your travels. Avoid the temptation of purchasing

Use Reusable Bags

We use 5 trillion plastic bags… per year! That’s 160,000 a second! And over 700 a year for every single person on the planet. And if that hasn’t already horrified you you can see plastic pollution rise in real time. Use and re-use is our motto! Always keep a reusable bag shoved in your handbag or pocket. You never know when it might come in handy!


So that’s just 5 eco-warrior travel hacks but there are heaps more. Stay tuned and keep up to date with our mission to becoming the first Carbon Neutral Tour Operator in Australia.