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Flying Taxis Due to Launch in Australia

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Uber is as ubiquitous now as it ever was. We’ve all reached for that handy little app countless times after a night out or just because we feel too damn lazy to take the bus. But how about taking a taxi to the sky? Well, you may well get your chance very soon when Uber’s first airborne taxi service (known as Elevate) opens for business in Australia in the next couple of years. Joining the ranks of Los Angeles and Dallas, Melbourne has been chosen as the first city outside of the US for the American giant’s helicopter taxi service. Test flights are due to take off next year, with commercial operations predicted to start from 2023, as announced by Uber at their annual “flying car conference”  – yes, that’s a thing.

The idea behind taxis by air is that city dwellers are sick to death of sitting in traffic, and that already dwindling personal car ownership figures will continue to fall. Melbourne has its fair share of tail backs, especially on popular routes like that from the airport to the CBD, but with an Uber air taxi that journey which would otherwise take about an hour would be cut down to just 10 minutes. The fun factor is a huge one too, who could resist making an entrance via a helipad rather than the door?

Granted the costs are likely to be pretty steep, but knowing Uber (who knows us very well) it won’t be completely out of the realms of possibility that you could finish your night with a quick flight home through the clouds, rather than on the tarmac.

This is exciting news for Melbourne and potentially other cities in Australia in the future. So if you can’t have a jetpack, take the next best thing – Uber Elevate is big news for Australia.

5 Health Tips Everyone Should Follow While Travelling

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While most people travel to relieve stress, the whole process of travelling can actually be very stressful. From the possibility of cancellations, missing your flight, getting lost in a city you’ve never been or having an accident. You constantly need to be on top of everything to ensure your trip goes smoothly which can often lead to stress. This could not only ruin your trip but impact your mental and physical health too. And let’s be honest, travelling should be fun and exciting!

As a traveller, you can take certain measures to reduce stress and while it may not be possible for everyone to travel stress-free, you can come close with the following tips.

Travel Insurance

While you may not be able to have any control over accidents and cancellations, you can have both covered on your trip with travel insurance Canada. The insurance will provide you with medical coverage which can save you tons of money in case of an accident or other health problems. It will also cover money lost due to cancellations or even lost baggage. Knowing that you are insured will help you reduce stress and not worry too much about any medical problems and allow you to travel with more ease. You can also compare leading travel insurance companies on www.comparethemartket.com.au

Get enough sleep

Travelling to a new location can be exciting. So exciting that you overlook the need to get a decent night’s sleep. A lot of travellers like to enjoy a night out to socialise with new friends which is great! But it’s very easy to get stuck in a cycle of late nights, early mornings and those pesky hangovers. Whilst it’s good to socialise and have fun, make sure you dedicate yourself to having a few good night’s sleep to keep your energy levels and your mental health steady. Most people need to get an average of 7-8 hours of sleep a day as this allows your mind and body to rest and rejuvenate for the day that is ahead. Along with sleeping, be sure to also eat well balanced meals.

Include some form of physical activity in your itinerary

Even if you are travelling for just a few days, make sure you get some form of physical activity in. Whether it is going hiking, camping or swimming in the local pool or a nearby lake, keeping your body active is a must. Going for walks around a new place is the best way to explore and meet the locals. You see so much more when you walk then when you drive around. A lot of cities also have running groups that take you running around the city and it’s the perfect sightseeing/fitness activity! By keeping physically active during your travels, you will help your body and mind stay energetic throughout the day, whilst also giving yourself some time outside to catch some sun and fresh air. Both of which, as we know, are good for your physical and mental health.

Disconnect yourself from technology

Constantly checking your social media or messages on when travelling can take a lot away from it. One of the reasons why you travel is to disconnect and relax, so do just that. Keep your phone on you for emergency purposes only and disconnect yourself from social media altogether while you are out. You can allocate 15-20 minutes at the end of the day to socialise on it but the rest of the time you should try and enjoy your trip and stay present.

Listen to your mind and body

Only you know your mind and body so listen to it when it’s telling you to slow down. It’s great enjoying lots of activities and excursions but it’s also not so fun when you’re too tired to take anything in. Have a balance of relaxing by the beach, reading your book and taking in your surroundings, with going on tours, out for drinks and dinner with new friends. By having a balance, you will have more of an appreciation for your surroundings, for the places you visit and for the people you meet.



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