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Flying Taxis Due to Launch in Australia

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Uber is as ubiquitous now as it ever was. We’ve all reached for that handy little app countless times after a night out or just because we feel too damn lazy to take the bus. But how about taking a taxi to the sky? Well, you may well get your chance very soon when Uber’s first airborne taxi service (known as Elevate) opens for business in Australia in the next couple of years. Joining the ranks of Los Angeles and Dallas, Melbourne has been chosen as the first city outside of the US for the American giant’s helicopter taxi service. Test flights are due to take off next year, with commercial operations predicted to start from 2023, as announced by Uber at their annual “flying car conference”  – yes, that’s a thing.

The idea behind taxis by air is that city dwellers are sick to death of sitting in traffic, and that already dwindling personal car ownership figures will continue to fall. Melbourne has its fair share of tail backs, especially on popular routes like that from the airport to the CBD, but with an Uber air taxi that journey which would otherwise take about an hour would be cut down to just 10 minutes. The fun factor is a huge one too, who could resist making an entrance via a helipad rather than the door?

Granted the costs are likely to be pretty steep, but knowing Uber (who knows us very well) it won’t be completely out of the realms of possibility that you could finish your night with a quick flight home through the clouds, rather than on the tarmac.

This is exciting news for Melbourne and potentially other cities in Australia in the future. So if you can’t have a jetpack, take the next best thing – Uber Elevate is big news for Australia.