Staying connected to the world! Your Mobile phone!

No doubt you will own a mobile phone, not many people can get by without that little bit of technology in their pocket! Just a few recommendations and things to think about:

  • Your existing contract in your home location – speak with your mobile network provider well in advance of your leave date and work out what the best possible options are for you in terms of maintaining or in most cases ending your contract.
  • Unlocking your mobile – make sure you also speak with your mobile provider about unlocking your phone to any network. You want to save money where possible and if you have a decent handset it seems silly to buy a new one when you could be saving that cash for your travels!
  • Getting yourself connected in Australia – There are a number of mobile networks available in Australia but if I’m honest the best network you can go for is Telstra due to it having the most coverage in remote areas and for it being very reasonably priced for a pay as you service. The sim costs as little as $2 and you can often pick up pay-as-you-go deals for as little as $30 per month which gives you unlimited Australian calls, a certain number of international calls and between 3-6GB of data. You will struggle to find a better deal, but if you do please give us a shout