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Discover the Atherton Tablelands with Barefoot Tours

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The beautiful tropical paradise of the Atherton Tablelands just south of Cairns is a stunning area of majestic waterfalls, volcanic lakes and a World Heritage listed rainforest brimming with natural wonders. Easily accessible in a day trip from Cairns, this beautiful little spot is the perfect place to chill out and reconnect with wild north Queensland, then head back to the city in time to share your adventures over a few beers.

Sound appealing? Well if you’re itching to find out more about the Atherton Tablelands and experience all that natural beauty for yourself, the friendly folk over at Barefoot Tours have you covered. Their excellent Atherton Tablelands Waterfalls Day Tour takes in everything the area is famous for and does it in style, with  a good dose of laughs thrown in.

Leaving Cairns in the morning the tour stops at some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the area including Ellinjaa Falls with its swimming hole ripe for a cooling dip, then on to Josephine Fall and Dinner Falls, “The Crater” and more. Take a refreshing dip under the pounding waters of Millaa Millaa Falls and test your nerve on a natural rock slide at Josephine Falls. Get to swim in an actual volcano at Lake Eacham and watch out for legendary Cassowaries as you explore the stunning rainforests.

All that action needs some good Aussie fuel which is why they also throw in a tropical morning tea, picnic lunch and all the Tim Tams you can eat. So just bring yourself, your swimmers, a camera, change of clothes and a thirst for adventure. Never rushed, all tours with Barefoot take place at a leisurely pace meaning more time to appreciate those beautiful surroundings. Also by travelling with Barefoot Tours you’ll be supporting a small local business in the process, so its a double winner.

So what are you waiting for? Give Barefoot Tours a call today and put your name down for a day of adventure, nature and memories to last a lifetime.



A 1770 Castaway Experience


Looking for a once in a lifetime island castaway adventure, but would rather avoid the ship wreck part? Well, look no further. The good folk of 1770 Castaway Adventures are just itching to make your castaway fantasies come to life, and from our camp on the shores of Jenny Lind Creek on Middle Island we’ve created our own slice of castaway paradise. There are no roads and very few people on this near deserted island, which means any traveller making the trip out here becomes a castaway as soon as they set foot on its sandy shores. Situated in the beautiful and remote Eurimbula National Park, the camp comprises of the only permanently erected structures in the park, meaning no noisy neighbours just pure unadulterated wilderness.

Your adventure starts on the LARC boat, which drops you off at a beach just a short walk from camp. A camp supervisor will be present at all times to ensure your castaway experience runs smoothly, but other than that you are truly on your own – not counting your fellow castaways and the local wildlife of course. Upon arriving at camp you’ll get settled into your spacious tent complete with mattress. There are solar lights for when the sun goes down, USB power points to charge cameras and phones (though don’t expect much signal), a camp kitchen and clean long drop toilets. There is no set structure to the days you’ll spend here, and that’s part of the point of being a castaway. No itinerary, no tour guide, just your own sense of adventure with one of the most pristine, remote islands in Australia on your door step.

There are plenty of activities to keep you busy including fishing, sand boarding 35m high dunes straight into the water, kayaking, exploring local caves and even finding your own oyster supper at low tide. If that all sounds like too much hard work, why not just kick back and relax on the beach, or take a hike keeping your eyes peeled for local critters. Whatever you choose to do by day, make sure to settle in for the beautiful sunsets over the western side of the island. The night skies here are glorious; with no light pollution the stars fill the sky and laying back by the campfire taking them all in will become one of the most memorable parts of your castaway experience. The aim is to provide you with a once in a lifetime adventure on a true island paradise. If you love and respect the natural world, feel at home in the wilderness and have a sense of adventure then the 1770 castaway experience is for you.

Whether you choose to stay for the day or a few nights, the chance to feel like a real life Robinson Crusoe is an experience to remember for a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? Give the team a call and book your place today.



5 Best Wild Swimming Spots on the East Coast

Drop Bear Adventures Lake Birrabeen

Australia isn’t short on opportunities to get back in touch with nature and no activity is more back to the wild than wild swimming. Some of the best spots in the country can be found on the east coast   and we’ve broken down the top five places to take a dip in the wilderness.

North Queensland – Lake Eacham and Millaa Millaa Falls

Lake Eacham is a huge volcanic lake located in the Atherton Tablelands up near Cairns which came into being more than 9,000 years ago when a volcanic eruption left a huge crater in its wake. This slowly filled with water and formed the lake as it is today. Its deep waters are a great place for swimming, hiking and kayaking. Just 30 minutes away is Millaa Millaa Falls, a gorgeous waterfall with a plunge pool suitable for swimmers and part a hiking trail which takes in two other falls along the way. Its well known for its wildlife such as Ulysses butterflies, turtles, flying foxes and even water dragons. Join a tour and take in both sites in the same day.


Fraser Island – Lake Wabby and Lake McKenzie

These two beautiful lakes are located on the sandy paradise of Fraser Island and, like most places on the island, are idyllic places to visit. Lake Wabby is Fraser’s deepest lake with striking green waters backed by beautiful sand dunes meaning you can swim and relax in equal measure. Lake McKenzie is a larger, “perched” lake which means it sits well above the water table, so the water you’ll be swimming in is pure rainwater. It’s silica beach is even whiter than regular sand and makes for a beautiful place to chill out. Let someone else do the driving on a group tour around the island.

Gold Coast – Cedar Creek Falls

Cedar Creek Falls are a series of picture perfect waterfalls and plunge pools formed out of natural rock amphitheatres located in the Tambourine National Park, about an hour’s drive from Brisbane. The rocks surrounding the falls are smooth and flat meaning they’re great for sunbathing and relaxing after your swim. A hiking trail passes close by and the falls are very easy to access. Cedar Creek is a great day trip from Brisbane when the city madness gets too much.

New South Wales – Jellybean Pool

Probably the best named of the lot, Jellybean pool is located in the stunning Blue Mountains National Park. With a sandy river beach and calm waters it’s a great place to take a relaxing dip with kids. There’s plenty of shade on land and it’s an easy hour’s drive from Sydney. Check out Red Hands Cave while you’re here. Vibrant red, white and yellow hand print silhouettes grace the walls and are thought to date back as far as 1,600 years.

Sydney – Figure of 8 Pools

This natural ocean side rock pool has been perfectly carved by the waves into a figure of 8. Its shallow size is better suited to anyone looking for more of a cooling dip than a swim but its spectacular location by the ocean more than makes up for its diminutive size.  Just be sure to watch out for any big waves and slippery algae around the pool. The Figure of 8 Pools are easy to reach from Sydney and the easiest way is with a group tour from town that will guide you to and from the pools safely.

The Best Way to Explore the Whitsundays

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The Whitsunday Islands embody the breath taking natural beauty of Australia, with desert island paradise credentials, which are off the scale. Located just off the coast of Queensland, the Whitsundays comprise 74 lush green islands situated in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, and are almost entirely uninhabited. Sailing past their pristine, deserted shores can make you feel like Captain Cook himself and that sense of remoteness is just part of the appeal of the Whitsundays. The Great Barrier Reef is naturally a huge draw for travellers and the islands’ proximity to world class diving and snorkelling spots couldn’t be better. Colourful corals, shoals of tropical fish and larger species such as sharks and whales all make their home here and the Whitsundays are in the middle of it all.

Visiting the Whitsundays without compromising the health of the reef or impacting the delicate island environment can be tricky, but factors we should all be considering before booking a tour. That’s where Whitsunday Sailing Adventures and the SV Whitehaven comes in.  One of the best tour operators in the Whitsundays and the country, Whitsunday Sailing Adventures promises a unique, small group experience with eco conscious practices and a personal touch. There’s no wild parties on the Whitehaven but instead plenty of opportunities to snorkel and kayak the reef and learn more about the islands in an eco conscious way. Named after the Whitsundays famed Whitehaven beach, the 17.5m boat was designed specifically to sail the tropical seas in comfort and style. She has plenty of deck space for relaxing and sunbathing by day and stargazing by night, as well as a spacious area providing permanent shade from the sun and weather. The friendly crew are professional and knowledgeable about the reef and its inhabitants, as well as the islands’ rainforests and wildlife. Learning about what you’re looking at makes for a much richer experience.

The night skies out here are magical and fascinating star talks are held on deck so you can learn more about the constellations of the southern hemisphere. As the SV Whitehaven is a traditional sailing boat, there will be plenty of opportunities to get involved and hoist some sails yourself and learn more about traditional sailing practices. On board sea kayaks mean you can explore the reef from above whenever you choose and learn more about what you see from one of the experienced guides. Their tours are officially eco certified so you can relax knowing you and your guides will be having a minimal impact on the islands and its ecosystem as you sail and explore.

So whether you just want to relax on board and take in the scenery, snorkel and kayak, hike and learn more about the Whitsundays’ unique eco system and wildlife, Whitsundays Sailing Adventures will give you an eco conscious, small group experience that you’ll remember for a life time. What are you waiting for? Book today! And if you are looking to book both your Whitsundays and Fraser Island tour get a discount on tours booked through us!

Explore these beautiful islands with the best crew around.


A Serene Adventure – Kayaking the Noosa Everglades

Nothing beats the serenity of captaining your very own kayak and floating through pristine wilderness, and the Noosa Everglades are the place to do both. This watery paradise is one of only two everglades environments on earth and its rarity makes it even more special. The everglades have been given the nickname of “the river of mirrors” and it’s well deserved – the reflections of the trees in the still waters is magical. This precious, rare ecosystem is virtually untouched, with 65% of its catchment within national park boundaries and the entire area being within the Noosa Biosphere Reserve.  You’ll find more than 44% of Australia’s birdlife here along with more than 1,300 species of plants, and a ton of other water and land based wildlife. That’s a lot to keep an eye out for.


With all that wildlife around, you need to keep quiet, and that is what makes the kayak the best way of getting around. Not only are you literally immersed in the environment, kayaking is almost completely soundless, which is what you want if you want to spot the critters that live here. A self guided kayaking trip is also the perfect way to get a bunch of brand new dorm mates together for a mini adventure. Having challenging and inspiring experiences with new friends is what makes travelling so meaningful and something as easy and accessible as a self guided tour through this pristine wilderness is one of those experiences. Hiring your own kayak means you can go at just the right pace for your group. Self-guided tours are really popular here so there’s little chance of getting lost!


Head out for the day or, for some proper adventure, camp overnight at one of the many camp sites on offer. There are plenty to choose from, from full service campgrounds at Boreen Point and Elanda Point to the more basic Fig Tree Point and Harry’s Hut. Bear in mind you’ll need a permit to camp at any of the sites. If you prefer to let someone else do all the organising, join up with a guided overnight camping trip and have everything taken care of in advance.


Kayaking the Noosa Everglades is a dream come true for wildlife enthusiasts and adventurers alike. It’s easy, accessible and a fantastic way of bonding with a new group of mates. Book direct with our friend’s at Noosa Everglades here and get the best deal on tours and kayak hire. Enjoy the serenity!







Why Sail The Whitsundays on Summertime

At Bare Travels we are always in search of great ways in which your can experience many of the beautiful locations Australia has to offer. Sailing the Whitsunday Islands is without a doubt one up there on the list of things to do and choosing the best way to do it is an important decision. One of our favourite tours is sailing with Summertime and below you can find out more!


Sailing on Summertime

A beautifully restored 65 foot, classic timber ketch that was handcrafted in 1945 by master shipwrights in South Australia which is now the perfect amalgamation of adventure and comfort. Recent refurbishments have made her fully equipped with modern technology such as: a DVD/PC system, air conditioning throughout the vessel, spacious deck space – perfect for having a nap or enjoying the view – and even an aft deck freshwater jacuzzi!


The wheelhouse still has it’s traditional hand turned wheel and is fitted out with rich timber which maintains Summertime’s classic ambience. Your skipper will helm your adventure from here but if you ask them to explain some of the navigational and sailing aids, you might even get to experience being a captain and navigate yourself around the islands.


Below deck is the saloon which is the ideal place to watch a film or a slideshow of your days adventures and relax out of the heat. Summertime has two large toilets and showers which are all equipped with modern appliances don’t worry. The cabins are simply sensational and you’ll experience the best night sleep with the ocean rocking you to sleep.


Activities on Summertime

Summertime is the only vessel in Whitsundays that offer a guided kayak tour. The team promotes eco-friendly explorations of the islands and their hidden alcoves and inlets. A friendly turtle might join you as you paddle towards secluded beaches edged with ancient trees.


Snorkelling in this local area of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is rated among the best in the world and with the temperature staying around 25 C year round, it’s no wonder why. The comfortable temperature allows you to relax and really focus on the sealife swimming alongside you.


Fancy trying your hand at diving? With an onboard dive compressor, tank fills are unlimited and you can opt for a diving experience straight from the side of the vessel to swim with turtles and schools of tropical fish.


The Menu on Summertime

All meals are prepared, fresh, on board. With an assortment of freshly baked rolls, meats, salads, fruits & condiments ready for you at lunch and oven-baked snacks available throughout the day. And if you’re British you’ll certainly love the afternoon tea served with an Aussie favourite, coconut lamingtons. Dinner has a variety of specialities such as tender chicken thigh fillets, marinated in succulent honey mustard and mixed herbs or the Porterhouse steak in a secret marinade.


About The Whitsunday Islands

The 74 Whitsunday Islands lie between the northeast coast of Queensland, Australia, and the Great Barrier Reef, a massive stretch of coral teeming with marine life. Most of the islands are uninhabited and are characterised by dense rainforest, hiking trails and white sand beaches.

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most popular areas of the world to visit but here you won’t feel crowded in by other tourists. The expansive ocean between and around the islands make you feel like you have the islands all to yourself.

So what are you waiting for?! Get in touch today to book your tour.