Travel bare and travel F.I.T (FREE & INDEPENDENT TRAVEL)

We believe that being Free and Independent is the only way to travel and that’s what being a FITty is all about. At BARE TRAVELS, our value scale relies on QUALITY, not commission.  Guaranteed!


We all know nothing in life is free, but we want to make every dollar count.  A free traveller is a free thinker. Don’t find yourself herded into a big chain travel agent like a bleating sheep, book boutique and be proud of your individually.


This is what traveling is all about, getting out there, seeing the world, standing on your own two barefeet. Bare Travels is our labor of love, and a way for us to advocate for the little independent guys who work their bums off to provide your sexy bum with a great experience!


More than a holiday. When you travel F.I.T. you’re not just a tourist. You’re immersing yourself in the culture, mingling with the locals, all the while practicing your Aussie slang.  G’DAY MATE!

Travel Bare

So why should you chose to plan your ultimate Australian travel experience with Bare Travels?

The simple answer is we guarantee to connect you with Australia’s most honest and authentic experiences whilst keeping your budget in mind. We choose only to partner with providers who are tried and trusted and we know will deliver you that once in a lifetime experience you are after!

Ethically minded, we care not only about delivering you a premium Australian adventure at a reasonable price, but we are also hugely passionate about conserving the beautiful environment you will traverse. We are lucky enough to be able to show off one of the most diverse landscapes in the world and hence we aim to give back and support sustainable tourism practice at every opportunity. Each and every destination offers you a completely unique experience, and we want to ensure that this is maintained for each and everyone of you who comes to stay and play! From the epicentres of the major towns and cities there is so much to see, do, explore and uncover – we know that once you’ve had a taste of it, you’ll just keep wanting more!

Bare Travels aims to be more than just a provider of tours, but also a source of honest travel information, advice, guidance. With first hand experience of travelling Australia and over 8 years experience of working in the tourism industry to deliver first class tours we have the ability to genuinely advise on how to travel the Australian landscape. From your very first ‘light bulb’ moment of considering to travel this vast continent we are on hand to give you support in planning your adventure.

Our Bare Blogs are a really useful source of information aiming to answer the key questions that every traveller needs to know. We are also striving to build a community of like-minded travellers who really care about not having a negative impact on the environment and want to share valuable travel advice. If this sounds like you then travelling ‘Bare’ is the way to go. For quick and easy look at what’s on offer check out our Tours or call the team to discuss your travel ideals.

What’s stopping you?! Start planning your ‘once in a lifetime’ adventure today!