Add these places to your personal Australia Travel Map

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When there is a whole continent to see and epic distances involved, when it comes to travelling in Australia it pays to devise your very own Australia travel map. One specific to the trip that you want to take, that incorporates the very best of all the adventures to be had here but a map that suits your timeframe and budget.

Research your trip well and the Australia travel map you create for your trip will write itself. But with so many places to choose from, it can feel like an impossible task before you’ve even started.

That’s why we’ve broken down the best of the best, the places and experiences we reckon combine the best elements of travel in Australia – adventure, natural beauty and experiences you simply won’t find anywhere else. 

Here Are Some Top Places You Need to Add to Your Personal Australia Travel Map

Whitsunday Islands

The Great Barrier Reef is a symbolic reminder of both the stunning natural beauty of the underwater world and also its fragility. The largest reef in the world lies just off the north Queensland coast and diving or snorkelling its colourful world of corals and fish, sharks and whales should definitely be on your Australia travel map. What’s even better is that the stunning island archipelago of the Whitsundays lies just above it all. 74 islands of blindingly white sand and clear blue seas make for a magical voyage. Check out Whitsunday Sailing Adventures for their tours that take it all in

the whitsundays is on the australia travel map
calm crystal clear ocean with strokes of raised white sand banks

Uluru and Outback Australia

The Red Centre is an awesome place of red earth, iconic natural wonders and one of the oldest, if not the oldest, cultural histories in the world. And when it comes to Australian icons, you can’t really beat Uluru. The sheer beauty  and vastness of the place is awe inspiring, and with plenty to see and do around the area it’s easy to spend a few days exploring and never get bored. From dusty outback towns full of atmosphere to cattle ranches that stretch for miles, and Uluru at the centre of it all. The Outback should feature on every Australia travel map going, we reckon.

uluru just after sunset

The Blue Mountains

Sydney is a massive draw for travellers and rightly so.  Just outside the city lies the majestic Blue Mountains, and another top place to add to your Australia travel map. Just two hours from Sydney  this gorgeous area delights with soaring peaks and lush green valleys heady with the scent of eucalyptus. One of the most popular sights here is the unusual rock formation affectionately known as The Three Sisters (taken from an Aboriginal story about three sisters turned to stone to protect them during a great battle). Changing intensities of sunlight play on the rock throughout the day, transforming them into different colours.  There are hiking trails in and around the mountains suitable for all levels, along with horse riding, abseiling and cycling.

hanging around the blue mountains in australia
lady hanging from large vine in blue mountains

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