Who is this Mumma Bear character I hear you ask?


Well, Mumma Bear is me, Hana; an Australian born, Welsh baked, red head in her 30’s. Wow that was a mouth full!

The Mumma Bear alias was born when my hubby and I founded Drop Bear Adventures on K’gari aka Fraser Island back in 2010. True to my uncontrollable nurturing nature I couldn’t help but mother all our beautiful guests and volunteers hence the nick name stuck.

Some say it’s just because I am the biggest sister of 13 siblings, others say it’s because I’m a mean cook that can rustle up a great family feast but I like to think it’s because this Mumma Bear is protecting her cubs and to do that she needs to make the world a better place. For me, Mumma Bear stands for honesty, companionship, love and respect. I have always led my business with a strong moral heart and fought to establish Drop Bear Adventures in a world of corporate giants who just wanted to gobble my bear family up. But as crazy as some people think it is, I believe that customer service should be every businesses top priority.

So there you have it, the creation story of Mumma Bear