A 1770 Castaway Experience


Looking for a once in a lifetime island castaway adventure, but would rather avoid the ship wreck part? Well, look no further. The good folk of 1770 Castaway Adventures are just itching to make your castaway fantasies come to life, and from our camp on the shores of Jenny Lind Creek on Middle Island we’ve created our own slice of castaway paradise. There are no roads and very few people on this near deserted island, which means any traveller making the trip out here becomes a castaway as soon as they set foot on its sandy shores. Situated in the beautiful and remote Eurimbula National Park, the camp comprises of the only permanently erected structures in the park, meaning no noisy neighbours just pure unadulterated wilderness.

Your adventure starts on the LARC boat, which drops you off at a beach just a short walk from camp. A camp supervisor will be present at all times to ensure your castaway experience runs smoothly, but other than that you are truly on your own – not counting your fellow castaways and the local wildlife of course. Upon arriving at camp you’ll get settled into your spacious tent complete with mattress. There are solar lights for when the sun goes down, USB power points to charge cameras and phones (though don’t expect much signal), a camp kitchen and clean long drop toilets. There is no set structure to the days you’ll spend here, and that’s part of the point of being a castaway. No itinerary, no tour guide, just your own sense of adventure with one of the most pristine, remote islands in Australia on your door step.

There are plenty of activities to keep you busy including fishing, sand boarding 35m high dunes straight into the water, kayaking, exploring local caves and even finding your own oyster supper at low tide. If that all sounds like too much hard work, why not just kick back and relax on the beach, or take a hike keeping your eyes peeled for local critters. Whatever you choose to do by day, make sure to settle in for the beautiful sunsets over the western side of the island. The night skies here are glorious; with no light pollution the stars fill the sky and laying back by the campfire taking them all in will become one of the most memorable parts of your castaway experience. The aim is to provide you with a once in a lifetime adventure on a true island paradise. If you love and respect the natural world, feel at home in the wilderness and have a sense of adventure then the 1770 castaway experience is for you.

Whether you choose to stay for the day or a few nights, the chance to feel like a real life Robinson Crusoe is an experience to remember for a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? Give the team a call and book your place today.