5 things to do on Fraser Island in 2020

things to do on fraser island

Fraser Island is much more than just sand. This beautiful little spot off the east coast of Australia is as popular as ever and it’s easy to see why. Here are just five reasons to make the journey to this unique, wild paradise island yourself.

Here are top 5 things to do on fraser island in 2020

Hike and swim at Lake Wabby

This stunning lake is the deepest dune lake on the island and, unlike many of the other lakes in the Great Sandy National Park, is full of fish – 12 species have been found here including the rare honey blue-eye fish. The trail head is located just north of Eurong and it’s an easy 40 minute hike to the lakeshore through shady forest and across seemingly endless sand dunes. 

things to do on fraser island
group having fun n lake wabby

The coloured sands of the Pinnacles

The beautiful coloured sand cliffs which line the eastern coast are a prime example of the island’s unique geological history and a top thing to do on Fraser Island. Formed over hundreds of thousands of years when minerals drained through the sand and dunes, today there are more than 70 different colours on show as a result. Visit at sunrise and sunset when the sun’s rays brings out the red and golden tones in the cliffs. 


Float effortlessly down Eli Creek

Eli Creek, on the eastern beach, is the largest creek on the island. In fact, it’s so large it dumps up to 4 million litres of fresh water into the ocean each hour! Experience all that natural free flowing energy yourself entering the water at the far end of the boardwalk and then float effortlessly down the creek. Eli Creek is a top thing to do on Fraser Island any day of the week.

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Looking for things to do on Fraser Island? Bathe in a natural jacuzzi at Champagne Pools

Cool off in an all natural jacuzzi at Champagne Pools, a series of sandy bottomed rock pools facing the ocean which fill up whenever a wave hits. The waves create a burst of bubbles which, it’s said, feels a lot like champagne. This natural wonder is a unique experience not to be missed and another top thing to do while on Fraser Island. 

things to do on fraser island
group of travellers relaxing in champagne pools on fraser island

Marvel at the Maheno Shipwreck

Probably the most famous of all of Fraser Island’s shipwrecks, the Maheno was forced on to shore way back in 1935, during a fierce cyclone. The Maheno, up until that point, was a well known liner plying the route between Australia and New Zealand for many years. Today her wreckage is an atmospheric, eerie sight, slowly being eaten away by her harsh salty grave. The wreck of the Maheno is a top spot for photographers and a fascinating glimpse into Fraser Island’s history.

Maheno Shipwreck on fraser island
Maheno Shipwreck on fraser island

Written by Kate Moxhay at katemoxhay.com